Damn You, Creative Block!

I am having a serious case of ‘creative block’ and it is beyond frustrating.

my motivation to pick up a pen, play around with my art stash or even look for inspiration has dried up completely and I am stressing out! I am even finding reading, or concentrating on reading hard right now and I can’t seem to pinpoint why.

I know I overreact when this happens, and it has happened many times before.Other stresses in life bleed over into my free time and stick in my brain, feeding a deep anxiety. Usually art is an escape for me. I get the spark of an idea and must go and explore it at once. But right now, I have no desire to make anything.

I wonder how long it will last. It always seems like forever, every time it happens. Because it seems to have left a hole in my time, I am forcing myself to at least do something constructive and add to my CV/ job skills. Not the most interesting thing ever, but maybe if I worry less about my creative block, it will soon disappear.

Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome 🙂


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Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

8 thoughts on “Damn You, Creative Block!”

  1. I always find that the longer I focus on the creative block the longer it lasts. I, therefore, distract myself from the issue by doing other things and often that frees up my mind enough to resolve the block. Additionally looking at other people’s writing, art, cooking or whatever might create a spark that leads to something. Especially with my art work, if all else fails I ask my kids to give me an assignment. The brief is usually very random and not something I would have thought of at all but when I’ve drawn the picture for them I find I have usually stirred things around in my brain enough that the creative block is gone. Remember also that sometimes it’s valid and worthwhile to have a break and that the pressure to create can itself be a factor in creating the block. I hope this reply made senses and perhaps helps you.

      1. All creative people are their own worst critics. Probably most people are generally. That’s why it’s a great resource to interact with others who can offer positive encouragement.

  2. Hi,
    Artistic or Creative Blocks are very common things. I have found for myself that the longer I wait for an idea the longer nothing happens. Sometimes it is helpful just to force yourself to try without having an idea at all. For example taking watercolors and paper then just start painting a random background. If you try this eventually your subconscious may fund images in the background. So the idea does not always have to come first. Artists can put too much pressure on themselves. Sometimes making art is not about perfection but about play. Good luck to you, I hope this idea helps you.~emily

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