Upcoming Projects

I’ve been focusing on art journaling lately, and in my small art journal which I am really enjoying. I think having a smaller area to work in actually gives you more freedom because you can work with the space and build on ideas as you work. Sometimes in a bigger journal, you are faced with a much more space to incorporate into a whole and it can be overwhelming. I would probably suggest to anyone starting an art journal for the first time to go some something small, although sometimes it depends on the kind of materials you love working with and the themes you want to express.

I have two new projects I am planning to start in the next, the first being a wall hanging made from a piece of wood. I am going to paint it black and have a bold sentence in glitter across it. I want to change up my style in my room as I am little bored with it at the moment and think it needs a Spring revamp.

The other project I want to start is a bird sculpture with Fimo, foil and wire. I have an idea in my head of maybe making a toucan, those birds are really cute and colourful, but I think I will sit down at my desk next weekend and play around with some material first. I find this is the best way to get back into  something when it has been a while, get a feel for the materials and how to mould them together.

I’ve always got some kind of journal page in mind during the week so will be doodling and playing around with ideas. Sometimes I enjoy this more than making a finished piece, because it is relaxed and something I do purely for the love of it.

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