Hurrah!!!! Spring Is Here!

I don’t think I could have asked for a better birthday weekend. The weather was warm, if a little rainy (but it is Manchester after all) and I had some retail therapy, a massage and pedicure, pressies and a lovely meal out with my guy. Gushing! So far turning 30 has been pretty good! I’ve been reading a lot about blogging, website designs and developing a ‘brand’ as well, which I feel will help me develop this blog and give me a clearer sense of direction for all my arty endevours. I have so many ideas, yet they all come back to my main love; making art and crafting. I also want to inspire others to take time out from life to be creative. This doesn’t have to be through art making. It could be through food, writing, gardening, playing with your children. Nurturing this part of yourself is integral to a balanced, meaningful life. One thing I have found through blogging is how I truly love to engage with others through similar interests, sharing thoughts, ideas and encouraging each other. It is a two way dialogue with like minded souls, and find this really inspires me to create and write. Below are a few pictures from the weekend – I will be updating with lots of art related things very soon!

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