Goodbye 20s!

It’s only a few days until I am 30, and to celebrate leaving my 20s behind I went on a family holiday to Centre Parcs this weekend. despite the travel down to Suffolk, it was a whirlwind of manic laughter, swimming, lots of cappuccinos, archery, pool, shopping, nature, birthday cake and relaxation in the Spa. I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow!#

Me try out archery – with not very sensible footwear!

We feed ducks, a deer, geese, rabbits and some naughty squirrels outside our little villa, my sister gave me a gorgeous leather-bound sketchbook and book on doodling for my birthday and my mum had arranged for a shoulder massage as a surprise. Turning 30 was pretty good!

Going away from your daily life is a excellent way to recharge and take a break from all creative endevours. It gives your mind a chance to step back, enjoy new experiences and engage with them. Coming back to your art after a break, especially if you are experiencing a creative block, allows you to gain a new perspective and gives you new ideas and approaches. I find that even just being away from where I live has allowed me to do this, so you don’t need to go far. Just a break from the daily routine, trying something new can shake up the humdrum.

I am looking forward to my thirties and the things out there I can discover. It is a vast world full of adventures!

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