Small Journal; Bird Doodle


I really sprayed a lot with this background, using black, blue, purple, green and slightly shimmery sprays, as well as water. It has come apart a little at the seems as I got carried away! But overall I love how it turned out – I think it may have worked better if the page was portrait though and I could fit in a longer tail. I also used my favourite Poca Paint pens and some Distress glitter to give it some details.



Art Therapy


5 thoughts on “Small Journal; Bird Doodle

  1. I think this is stunning. I love the peacock / jewel colours and your strong sense of shape, form and line. Gorgeous. I will need to check out paint pens – that’s a new medium to me.

    1. Thanks so much! I only found the paint pens a little while ago but I just love them. They are easy to use over so many things and give a lot of control. I need to invest in more colours!!

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