Bird Inspired Page


I am pretty obsessed with birds at the moment and have been looking at lots of amazing peacocks. Their colouring and feathers are gorgeous!

This is a bit of a mixed up page, as I started it not knowing what to create. I added some tissue paper to the background then used acrylic paints and paint pens over the top to draw the bird. My art journal is so fat now, I am finding it hard to work in! I may have to do single pages so I have more control over what I am creating.

I am going to continue my with this bird theme and do more peacocks 🙂

Large Art Journal

My large art journal


Finished page

7 comments on “Bird Inspired Page

  1. papict says:

    I love peacock colours. I think your pages are fantastic. I like the flowing strokes in the paint of the tail in particular.

    • Thank you for a lovely comment :)I love peacocks too and the variety as well. White peacocks are stunning. I’m still unsure about this page, but art journaling doesn’t have to be a perfect end piece and I enjoyed this x

  2. O.G.B says:

    Your art pages are just so full of life and color! Quite a collection 🙂

  3. petite28 says:

    This is great! What sort of pens do you use to create your doodles?

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