Mermaid Journal Page

mermaidI love creating underwater scenes, I used blue and green Dylusions sprays with lots of water for the background and cut out images from a magazine to build the piece. I made the different underwater plants are made from jewelry adverts in Vogue, and really love how effective they are.

This is the first time I’ve used a collage figure instead of painting one, and I used this just because I thought the pose of this model was interesting. But in general my own painting with acrylics or even a combination of ripped up papers would have brought the whole page together in a better way. While this isn’t one of my favourite pages, I don’t dislike any of my work. I think art journaling has allowed me to let go of my perfectionist traits, and use art as a relaxing past time.

I decided to keep this page a little less crowded although I find incorporating text adds to the overall effect. I want to do a whole page of embedding text in different ways as I always love to do my swirly writing. I am going to put together a short video of this page for my YouTube channel too, hope people like.

Happy creating!

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