Mixed Media Obsession

Well, my love of mixed media and art journaling have spiralled into a full blown obsession at the moment! I’ve found so much inspiration through wonderful art blogs and YouTube videos, all the journals and art are very diverse and eclectic.  Art journaling is a personal expression of ideas, feelings, thoughts and it is this that I am drawn to. Through all the other artists work I have looked at, it is the innate nature of the pieces that are so powerful.

I feel like I am rediscovering my own style through my most recent journal pages, as well as the more technical perspective with the creation of my art videos. This year I am committed to developing my art journal pages, and challenging myself with techniques, materials, ideas and themes. I feel a need to dedicate more time to my art and also to this blog. Some fresh ideas for Cherryblossom Tears:

  • Start an Artist’s Interviews page
  • Explore different materials and techniques
  • Make more videos

I’m sure I will think of more as the days start getting lighter and I can banish any winter blues.

4 thoughts on “Mixed Media Obsession

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your coming videos and interviews. Will they be filmed as well?

    You have inspired me to take up drawing again. I had forgotten how restful it was and therapeutic, now I just want to bunk off work and draw like a graphite clawed fiend!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I am still working out the idea for interviews but I will be making more art journal videos.

      It is ace you have started drawing, I must do more of that too!

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