A Little Doodle Tutorial

A little while ago someone suggested to me that I do a tutorial on how I create my doodle pages in my journal, which I thought would be kinda fun! So this is a post on my own way of doodling.

Journal finished

  1. First, I do a loose sketch onto a double page of a boarder and then a few large swirls and shapes, fitting around each other. I added some bubbles sporadically.
Sketch Ideas

2. ย I then went over my sketch with a black pen. I found a Pilot Signpen was great for this. I started adding in detail at the point with the black, and didn’t plan it too much just letting it come along organically.

Adding Black

3. Then began to add colour and used a few different kinds of pen, including Faber-Castell PITT artist pen which is really smooth and good for colouring in large areas. I also added more details with the black.

4. When I had finished adding colour I painted round the boarder in black acrylic, which saved me time from using a pen (and my pen!) and pulled the picture together with a stronger black.


doodle 3
Splashes of colour

I found this doodle relaxing and enjoyable, and have already started a new one. Hope everyone likes thisย very basic tutorial!

doodle finished


5 thoughts on “A Little Doodle Tutorial

  1. Wow, the final product is AMAZING.
    There is so much movement in this piece, it practically makes you turn your head to the swirls. The colors speak with a happy language and it’s a wonderful piece to look at it. Amazing, as usual.

  2. This is a very well written and helpful tutorial. I’ve always been somewhat awed by your doodles and their complexity, here you’ve broken down the process very clearly. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: Love the doodle!

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