College Workshop

Last weekend I went to a college workshop called Fierce Beauty with Derek Gores and I had a wonderful time! This was part of the Double Indemnity season they are doing at the moment in Manchester at the Cornerhouse. I was looking forward to it for ages, and knew this would be a great opportunity to push myself and explore a new medium. It was also wonderful to do art with other like minded people as I mostly do my projects on my own in my room – having some space was good too!

This is my piece, although I am still working on it. The main idea was to take in some images you liked, strong contrasting helps, and recreate it with ripped pieces from magazines and loads of glue!


I didn’t think to much about my piece as I knew that would stop me from doing anything, so I just went for it with the pieces. Some of the pink paper is gorgeous and shimmery but my camera hasn’t picked this up. I am really inspired from doing this workshop and Derek was really cool and nice! He said everyone should try doing something creative everyday – even if it is just for 10 minutes, and to draw everything.

I want to try doing something similar to this college technique in my art journal and also want to find similar workshops to try out in Manchester. You should have seen the mess when we left! I was also the only person to take tattoo magazines with me! But the more variety the better.

4 thoughts on “College Workshop

  1. fabulous. your piece is gently hypnotic, mesmerizing, if she hung on my wall I think I would just keep staring at her. Love the hint of eyes in the background. There is an element of playful humor too, as in “who is looking at whom!” 🙂
    also I agree with Mr Derek and do something creative every day!

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