Hello! I Am Still Here…!

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog for a while but life has been crazy and full of other things, my projects and art have been pushed to the back of my mind. With work being hectic again – the new term started last week – I got the freshers flu, it was my sister’s 18th…. all these things combined to me not doing the one thing I wanted to do – Create!

So this is a little update, on life in general and the things I have started. I am slowly progressing with my chest I put pictures up of recently and am making a small scrapbook for the inside. It has an Autumn theme and I just love Autumn it is probably my favourite season. At the moment the leaves are turning reds, oranges, browns and gently falling from the trees. It is surprisingly warm as well even though I have been wearing a big winter coat everywhere! It does rain a lot in Manchester so I like to be prepared! Once I have finished the pages I am going to sew  the book together, add embellishments, maybe a little embossing and some quotes on some of the pages.

My other project I have been wanting to get my teeth into for ages is a curious shadowbox – a little bit dark and ghoulish in time for Halloween! I love Halloween, even though I might only watch a horror film, but since I moved down a busy street we might get kids trick or treating! Wooohooo! I have a small wooden box with a glass front and took off the hinges and door to paint it. I will soon get to the best part which is deciding on what to put inside and am thinking about making a tiny brain from fimo and putting it in a jar! Haha!

I also want to try some art classes so this week am thinking of going to a life drawing class near me and the beginning of November have signed up to do a day of mixed media and college in Manchester. I cannot wait! I think it will give me lots of things, including a fresh perspective on creating and crafts. You can take your own materials to that one as well so I will start looking for things.

My Etsy store is going well I get people looking each day and although I haven’t sold anything yet I know it takes time and am pleased anyone is following me to be honest! If anyone is interested just click the link 🙂

I am hoping to make improvements to the blog and develop ideas for where I can go with my journaling here and my projects. Will update soon with progress pictures!

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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