A Few Art Journal Pages

Well, I had a few days holiday last week to relax and do some art and then I came down with a horrible virus-lurgy-bug thing and feel dreadful! My head feels like it is full of treacle 😦 I have been resting a lot and in between resting I have tried to read, do some doodling and watch films. But my head doesn’t want to concentrate!

I thought I would put up a few of my art journal pages I have been working on over the last month. I am getting better at enjoying the process and not worrying so much on the final outcome. I also had fun finding new things to add into my journal, such as the sequins I used on the mermaid’s tale.

The last picture is unfinished, I think I ran out of ideas so started a new page! But I have plenty of ideas for new pages and will hopefully come back to that one soon. When I get rid of this illness!
P1010427 P1010430 P1010431 P1010433 P1010434

7 thoughts on “A Few Art Journal Pages

  1. Sorry you have been crook. The viral things these days are so virulent! I love what you have been doing. The mermaid is so lovely and I particularly like her hair.

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