Journaling and Scrapping Obsessions…

I’ve had a pretty hectic week recently so I was glad to book a few days off this coming week and have a four day weekend. I’ve already planned my days as indulging in my new journaling and scrapbooking obsessions! I got a Smashbook and just adore it, even though I have done one page! It is luscious. I think I need to have more focus on the kind of pages I want to make, although the page I have done was experimental and fun to play around with. I’m going to put up some pictures soon. I’ve also been having fun with mixed media in my art journal and my room just looks like it has exploded when I have everything out! I don’t have much space so I use a laptop table and have my materials and tools in boxes around my bed. One day I would really like a whole craft room!

I’ve felt a little under the weather recently, possibly a bit stressed, but am hoping this will go as I really enjoyed making my art video last weekend and am planning another. I have borrowed some equipment from work (handy working in Media!) and am going to make one showing how I do an art journal page. This time I will have more of a solid idea in mind, maybe a theme or word to build an image from. I am enjoying using different mediums and textures and how I can combine them for different effects. I’ve got a few other ideas for projects I have been thinking about for ages, so I am going to busy on my blog again! I’ve found blogging a cathartic experience and gained so much through connecting with other liked minded people. I think it is a great way to share your passions and interests, but also an interesting way to journal your life. I keep a written diary too which I wish I would write in more. Thank you to everyone who takes time to read and comment on my posts, it means a lot x

11 thoughts on “Journaling and Scrapping Obsessions…

  1. I love your post!! I am attempting a visual art journal myself-just started recently. All through my Art Therapy Graduate program we were encouraged to try it, yet I just really did not give it a whole-hearted try. I have also kept written journals and sketchpads separately.I too, do not have much art space. I had to smile at your description of yourself in bed using a laptop table-just the other night, Saturday or Friday, I myself was in bed with newspaper spread all around me playing with oil pastels and pen and ink. There is a pretty famous lady who blogs about artist/visual journals, this is her blog:
    I actually became facebook friends with her-she is from nova scotia very nice lady. There are also many books on the top.Other blogs to check out would be “6 degrees of creativity.” at, Gretchen Miller’s blog on wordpress, and Lizzie Bellotto’s blog: Happy Art-making to you dear!

    1. Awww thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 It is pretty crazy doing all this in my room – I get stuff all over the place! I even went out and realised I had paint on my arm in the supermarket! Whoops! I am really hoping I am going in the right direction with my art because one day I want to do Art Therapy – I just know it is for me. I will check out those blogs as well! Thanks again xx

      1. Do yourself a huge favor, dear. Before applying to a masters program in Art Therapy in your state, do some research on the job market. Study job boards like or net/ Contact your state’s local AATA chapter. AATA site is At this point in time, there are no nationwide accepted credentials-it can vary greatly by state. Most programs are either a MA-masters of the arts in counseling with an Art Therapy major or a M.Ed-Masters of Education-major in Art Ed and Art Therapy. More and more the M.Ed degree is getting phased out in favor of a MA counseling degree-which also allows one to be LLPC certified. My degree is the M.Ed. I live in Michigan and art therapy jobs are sparse to come by. Most want a MA degree and a LLPC. As a holder of a M.Ed if I do find employment, the next step is completing 1000 direct client art therapy hours-and for every ten I must pay a licensed ATR-B.C. to supervise me. After that is complete I can apply for an ATR. Once that’s done I can study for an exam to become an ATR-B.C.(board certified.). ,

      2. You may be wise to look into Recreational Therapy programs instead. Those are only bachelor degree level jobs, but many hospitals and nursing homes hire certified recreational therapists. It really depends on the type of work you wish to do-recreation therapists do more arts and crafts…while Art Therapy is more diverse. However Grad school is really super expensive.Most Art Therapy programs require a bachelors degree in art or fine art OR a bachelors degree in psychology. Just do your homework first….:)

      3. Thanks for the info but I actually live in the UK! I know it is different here, although still as expensive and also difficult to get a career once qualified. Not that many MA programmes here and they want a BA in Art/ Psychology, whereas mine is in English Lit and Film! They also want extensive experience in working in a trusted setting, like a nurse or teacher. So I feel pretty stuck with no where to really move towards. At least with my blog I feel like I am doing something 🙂

      4. Maybe you could get some sort of part time gig-volunteering to teach art classes to seniors, or the disabled or children. Sometimes volunteering can still count as experience and if they like you they may even agree to hire you. My other thought, is you could teach classes at a community center, as a self proclaimed, “self-taught artist” and go from there. In many ways teaching can also be therapeutic in the right setting. Yes, the standards in the U.K are much more set in stone than here in the States. But then if you go through the proper steps you will have greater job security. The U.K. is ahead of its times with the field of art therapy. At least there it is considered a proper profession. Here I constantly have to explain to people what art therapy is what it is not….ect.

  2. Good Luck to you!!! Fingers are crossed for you-that your dreams do come true!!
    If you want it badly enough, I know you will find a way! Good luck…and keep making your wonderful artwork!!

      1. You know, what? I was just thinking about you this morning, that you live in the U.K, and are interested in becoming an Art Therapist? Have you ever heard of the website ? It is free to join. It is a social networking site a bit like facebook except with a twist, it is a buisness/professional networking site. You post a profile, your resume-all for free-then you can try to connect to persons with similar interests. The reason i mention this,is I am on there myself-and some of my connections are art therapists from all over the world but a few from the U.K. or Britain. If you put yourself out there, perhaps you could connect with a professional art therapist who lives by you, and might be willing to advise you or mentor you….just a thought. Good luck.If you do get on there feel free to add me as a connection, Emily Sturgill.

      2. Hey, that is really useful! I just created a really basic profile – which I will put more into later – and added you 🙂 I have considered joining the British Association of Art Therapists to get more info but it is quite expensive for a year subscription. I was also thinking of doing an Open Uni course in something like Counselling while I work as I couldn’t afford it otherwise.


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