The World Is Still Beautiful

Sometimes it is easy to let sudden and difficult challenges in your life overwhelm you. You run for cover from the intense, negative feelings and pray they won’t swallow you whole. Yet I’ve come a realisation that, no matter how gut-wrenching fear, sadness and uncertainty can be, it won’t kill me. There is a survivor in me that will always push and fight for hope. In the wake of my recent break up I been thinking of the little things that make life wonderful and remind myself that there are so many fascinating and beautiful things in the world. Here are a few that are getting me back to myself:

• My new plant (see picture)
• Spring has begun and flowers are out, bees, butterflies. The sun is here too!
• Painting my nails bright colours
• A fresh new book to begin
• Making new friends
• My own space to relax in – quietness
• Birds singing
• Early morning swim
• A new diary for writing and doodles
• A bed filled with cushions and fluffy teddies!
• Exploring a new place
• Finding a Hobbycraft store

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

2 thoughts on “The World Is Still Beautiful”

  1. I know how overwhelming life’s challenges can be sometimes. But I always try to remind myself that what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. Cliche but always holds true. I’m glad that you choose to look into the brighter side. Love the title of your post… the world is still indeed beautiful, as long as we choose to see the beauty instead of the ugly. 🙂

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