The Start of a Different Life…

This last month has been a difficult time. I broke up with my boyfriend and moved out of our flat together, staying with a friend until I found a new place. I moved a week ago and am now settling into a nice houseshare, getting my things unpacked and trying to find a new way forward. It has been full of sadness, regret, anger, fear, anxiety, and some potential meltdowns. But, it was also the best thing to do for myself. I am in a transition from being completely part of another person’s life to finding a new and unexpected one, which is exciting and full of possiblities. One thing I never realised until now is how many people really care about me and offered such love and support during this time. I celebrated my 29th birthday and started thinking about the new things I want to do, focusing on the new life I will create for myself.
Break ups are always hard. No one can really tell you how to get through them, every person is different. But being kind to yourself is a start. Giving yourself time and space, to grieve your losses and heal. It has taken me a while to understand this and I am no stranger to break ups. But it doesn’t mean they dont hurt just as much.
I miss my art and creating. And my blog. Once I have settled in my new place, my room is my own and filled with all the things I love and inspire me, I will start some new projects. It is one of the things that really helps me get through challenging parts of life. And I will put some things up on here. That is all for now.

Night readers x

7 thoughts on “The Start of a Different Life…

  1. You have a great attitude and I can tell you know things are for the best. Sounds like you have a lot of inner strength, seeing the positive and counting your blessings even though you’re going through a rough time. I promise you you’ll ome out of it stronger and blossom (ha ha no pun intended!) unto the person you’re meant to be

  2. I hope everything works out for you. I went through a pretty bad break up nearly two years ago, not fun (even if you know it’s for the best).

  3. Congratulations on handling the transition with an eye toward self-care and grieving – both are so vital for you right now. I wish you lots of peace as you work through this time in your life, and the strength and courage to hang in there. Difficult situations are always followed by major growth and wonderful surprises ;D

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