Some Cool Things To Come…

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but I got struck with the lurgie last week and felt like my head was trapped in some kind of fish tank. Thank god for the weekend! Time for some recovery art making and fun. I am thinking of making a cake, maybe a rainbow cake if I can a.) be bothered with all the coloured layers and b.) have enough tins! I also want to do some paper mache, painting and drawing in my journal, as well as see a film – Flight looks good, but I also haven’t seen Django Unchained yet (film geek!).
I’m really pleased with all the great comments I have had recently on my art journal pictures – I love getting any feedback on my stuff and especially when it is so positive. I think I am allowing myself to experiment more with different styles and ideas, not being too caught up in perfecting anything and having fun. It is refreshing! And it seems to generate more creativity too as my brain is all fired up and ready to burst onto the page 🙂
Another really cool thing is that I reached 500 likes on the blog – that is super sweet! Thank you to everyone that takes the time to check out my rambles and pictures. My blog has definitely grown into something I didn’t really imagine, but that is half the fun and satisfaction of doing it. Having people like it too is a great bonus.
I have some more post ideas coming up soon on art, therapy and creating, just need to brew them up a little before they are ready… laters x

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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