10 thoughts on “Some More Journaling

  1. My goodness. What a wonderful use of flat colors. (I’m talking about the bottom left hand cornered picture). I got the warmest sensation while looking at it. Nice Job!

  2. when 2013 started, i also started doing my journal. Before, i just write and doodles on some random notebooks but this year i found a perfect planner for me that allows me to write the highlight of my day, and a big space for doodles! Plus it has features that help me keep track of my goals and to do’s. :)) Now i can actually appreciate a Journal especially those that has doodles or work of art in it. :)) I agree the lower left picture is looking smashing!!

    1. That sounds great! I love journals, notebooks, everything! I have so many it is crazy. But blank pages are always screaming for me to draw onto them 🙂 hope you get to fill yours with amazing things x

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