Art Journalling :)

Good evening! This little post is about my art journaling, and I am pleasantly surprised at my productivity recently. I’ve felt inspired and driven to draw, but also experiment a little with my materials. I have used water colour pencils, inks and stamps and, amazingly, have been able to let go of my notions about how the journal ‘should’ look – that isn’t even the point of doing an art journal!
It is for expressing yourself freely, exploring new ideas, ways of drawing and making marks on a page that are satisfying. I think this is partly achieved by keeping your journal private – in that you don’t feel judged by showing it to others, and then creating in your head ideas about something being ‘perfect’ – again this isn’t about a finished piece, it is a undisturbed space to develop thoughts and ideas, note things of interest and chronicle the way you grow creativity and as a person. It sounds strange as I put pages up on my blog, but I wouldn’t really show people I know, in particular while I’m working through an idea. I also know that the people who like my blog are interested in arts, creating and expressing themselves through material items, so in sharing my daily creative journey I give something of myself to like minded spirits; whether just a little smile or inspiration.
I have been on Pinterest a lot for inspiration and just finding new things has opened my mind to new ideas. Some topics I love include birds, tropical flowers and keys! And there are loads of great pictures on these. If you are feeling a little stuck I would recommend Pinterest as a starting point. I have even written a small list of the art projects I want to do this year – I will come back soon and write about that.
Time for some tea now I think 🙂

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