January Blues…

It may be because it is January and still cold and dark most days, but I am stuck in a creative rut! Apart from reading more fiction, I feel very unmotivated with my art at the moment and haven’t started looking at list of things to do this year because I know I lack the passion. I have felt like this before, yet it still bothers me. Does anyone else sometimes feel like this? I’m also putting my energies into finding a new job, so that may have something to do with this rut. But normally I hate doing job applications and relish the thought of doing something creative to relieve my brain!
I need a plan to get me back on track! I often carry my journal and pencil case with me and like to draw on my lunch break. But I feel the fear of ‘the blank white page’ and my mind turns void. I need to come up with some tricks to get over this. When I started my journal I told myself it was for drawing only, but that is actually quite restrictive so I write in too. So my first idea is to just fill up a page with words and create a sort of mind-map, just things I think of or that I find interesting. Hopefully it will give my creativity a boost. Another thing that helps is looking on Pinterest, and my favourite posts at the moment are other people’s journals and colleges. If you haven’t been on I suggest you take a look, it is fun just browsing different pictures and topics.
More than anything though, I want to take this pressure I put on myself off and place it in a tiny box, lock it up and burry it in a desert! Nothing good creativity comes from feeling stuck and beating yourself up about it. I find writing my blog helps too, reflecting on my issues and also keeping it up to date. I have come to relish my posts because I know there are people out there who read them and like what I write – which is amazing! I also love to show my completed art projects and show how pleased (or not) I am with what I have made. Well these are my thoughts for today, I am now going to relax, make some dinner and look up something inspiring on Pinterest x

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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