The Way I See It

Writing a little about colour in art in my last blog started me thinking about key elements in my art and one that is significant yet maybe not so obvious is composition.

I’ve always seemed to have a good eye for composition – the way things fit together on a page or canvas, creating patterns with my wall collages. I have tended to see the piece as a whole before it is complete and remember at school in art class other students would do tiny drawings that floated in a white abyss of an A3 sketchbook. I would make sure every inch of my sketchbook was covered!

The way something is placed has always been central to my paintings and more recently in my crafting and altered art. Where a figure or central point is in relation to the background, foreground and other images in the painting is what brings the piece together as a whole. Otherwise it would look a mess. At the same time, I like to put a twist on certain ideas relating to the rules of painting and bring a different perspective to my art. This could be having the focus of the piece off centre, like this painting below.

The fuzzy creature is the central point, but off to the left and the table is off to the right. Yet these elements and the tree in the background balance out the composition and it works well as a painting.

Another example is also with my altered notebook:

The background paper unifies the front cover, allowing a free approach to where I place embellishments. Yet having the large white flower on the bottom right meant using a different element to give the overall picture balance.

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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