The Magic of Colour

An overriding element in many of the crafts and painting I do is colour. I adore colours. And since I’ve been thinking of ideas for my blog, this one stood out a million miles. Instantly I will notice something vivid outside while on the bus – a girl’s shoes, an intense shade of green leaves on a tree. And it is powerful. When I studied film at university, colours always stood out to me as highly symbolic. Not just the cliché like red equals danger. But the way colours were used to highlight a character, an emotion or an atmosphere (interestingly, in Nosferatu, the 1922 German film by Murnau, some of the film is dyed different colours such as blue).


The relationships between colours also fascinates me. I love bright, bold colours, but also appreciate pastels and softer shades. Tone and the way colour creates shape and depth to something. In my recent paintings colour is significant. The pinup girls have very bright, unrealistic colourings: pink hair, purple eyes. The background is a contrast to this and creates a playful almost euphoric feel.

I can see the correlation between my love of bright, fun colours and the effect it has on mood. Colours enhance life. They are like a potent shot of happiness right to my brain and I am instantly lifted. I feel positive, inspired, creative. I am hyper sensitive to the things around me. Sometimes this is  detrimental to how I feel, especially when it comes to the Winter when everything feels dark and gloomy. Yet the highs can carry me through, and is probably one reason I have such bright tattoos on my arm (and planning more!).

I have so much more I want to say about colour. But for now I will have to do more thinking………

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