Autumn x

I love this time of year. Yet this I’ve only really realised. It is windy and rainy and colds ruin riot, yet autumn is gorgeous. The trees turn a stunning mixture of crimson, cherry, rusty brown hues, auburn, tinted yellows and oranges. The air smells earthy and fresh, the evenings get noticeably shorter. I love being wrapped up in my big coat, fluffy knitted scarf, cute hat and gloves, anticipating Halloween and Bonfire Night with toffee apples, pumpkin pie, eating hotdogs round a bonfire and watching the fireworks.


It reminds me of going back to university for a new term; everything is new with possibility about what we will learn and read. I love the shapes of leaves on the ground, the conkers, even the little insects and spiders trying to find a home in my bedroom!


Near the university where I work the trees have been changing and I’ve tried to capture these with my camera phone. I will get a new camera one day, but these are the best I could do before the leaves all fall. I find it inspires me, looking at the contrasts on colours and shapes against the blue sky.


I’m not sure why I’m so surprised that I really love this time of year. I guess partly because I really wished I lived somewhere warm, dreaming of a tropical paradise. In retrospect this was probably due to unhappy circumstances where I lived and the desire to escape to some dramatic, exotic place as far away as possible. I despised the mundane routines of everyday life. Yet it was watching others around me that made it seem worse.

 Well, I have come along way from feeling that way. I’ve realised that beauty is all around us (as cheesy as it sounds) and even the smallest leaf on the ground can inspire. Inspire me to change my outlook, to think of new ideas for art projects, to appreciate the world I live in and not the world I create in my mind so often. x

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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