Painting and Other Shenanigans

Since finishing my sister’s shadow draw/ box I have mostly been working on my painting Vanity, although it has now taken a different direction. I have a few pictures as I have been working on it, although I’m not sure whether to just put up the finished piece.

I’ve also had to let the painting dry before working on many of the details. It has been a long time since I painted on a canvas of this size so I am sort of developing a way of doing it as I go along. In the last week I’ve had 3 major fillings in my teeth (as well as playing Diablo with my sister!) so I’ve not been keeping up to date with my blog. I am still here! I want to make it better all the time, so thought I would post a general update about my arty projects. I have my next painting in mind for the Seven Deadly Sins project and it is going to be Lust. I have a long canvas for that so I have a few ideas in mind. I also have some ideas for Jealousy, although I will need another canvas for that one. I am planning another college and some jewellery. I love o and charms and all the little craft things, just going through them gives me ideas.

I’ve been having a few ideas related to my blog and one is creating a shop on Etsy to sell some things I make. I am a perfectionist though, so it may take me ages to know if something is good enough to sell! When I get a bit of time I will develop my ideas more, but just having a direction is good and gives me things to look forward too. Which is needed in September in Manchester where it seems to constantly rain!

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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