Some Ramblings on Creativity x

While the original intention of my blog was to share my artwork and share thoughts on the creative process, I never considered that it would change the way I thought about my own creativity. I thought I was pretty much set in my ways regarding my abilities, but how wrong I was! For all my reading and painting and sewing and crafting, I forgot how just the act of creating can stretch you in ways you probably hadn’t considered. I’ve also been moved by reading other people’s blogs and inspired by their courage to open up their lives to others in the hopes of connecting across countries and other barriers.

I found myself being more creative generally in my life, such thinking of creative ways to stores things in my room or trying a new way of cooking something (since my teeth have been causing me so many problems, food has been an issue, so I have been looking for soft food without sugar to eat). In a way, my blogging has given me a platform to express not just my artworks but my  values about how I live my life. And this can only be a good thing. I am working through things that are difficult and finding the act of creating and sharing my work and ideas deeply therapeutic. I’ve always felt that my passion for my art and reading has given me comfort and reassurance through some hard and bleak times throughout my life, and this is my main reason for wanting to be an Art Therapist. The journey will be a challenge, but as I believe this is my true calling I am willing to take it head on.

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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