Dreams and Banoffee Pie x

Love having a chilled out weekend where I can please myself pretty much. Continuing my themes of inspiration and daydreams, I was thinking about some things I would like to do and decided why the hell not?! They don’t have to be expensive or a massive endeavour! So, I am going to start a list of fun things I would love to tryΒ and aim for at least one a week. It might include things I’ve done before and enjoyed but just never get the time to do. Like making a roast dinner. Yum!

On my mental list so far I have:

Exploring Manchester more and taking photos

Starting a scrapbook for my life

Trying a new recipe

Going for an early morning swim

Trying a yoga class

Hosting a tea party πŸ™‚

I think I will start my list with making a banoffee pie – it is truly delicious and I’m sure my boyfriend will agree πŸ˜€

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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