Still Poorly… But Still Inspired :)

My creating and artiness has been quite slow recently as I am still feeling unwell. It is probably either a virus or infection to do with my teeth – I need one extracted and the other I had a temporary filling on broke! I’ve been very fatigued and generally feeling rubbish, so all I can do is sleep a lot, watch DVDs and sometimes read.

I did manage to make my collage over the last few days, in stages. I woke up with an urge to do something crafty, plus I wanted my Seven Sins painting to dry before doing more to her. I had fun making my paper flowers, I used Tim Holtz alterations die and went a little crazy! I’ve put some of them on the wall and some ended up on the collage. When I started my collage I didn’t really have much of an idea in mind, just that I really liked the photo of me and my friends and I had many embellishments I could use. Sometimes it is fun to just begin a project with no real planning, being spontaneous is good!

Also, doing the collage gave me ideas for future projects and inspired me with my crafts! I am such an art geek sometimes I just can’t stop myself from thinking up loads of projects to do. If only I had my own craft studio! My flat is small anyway, but when I get out boxes of paper flowers, inks, papers, my heating tools, sprays, buttons, it just looks like an explosion! And my boyfriend is none too impressed! Whooops!

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