MollieMakes Is Amazing x

I had to share my favourite magazine on here, because people must know about MollieMakes! Here is the link:

It is almost like a alternative crafts magazine with a twist. I have found that many crafty magazines are a bit too old and outdated for someone like me. Sometimes I would get them just to learn a technique, but it really was aimed at women in their 50s plus who had an abundance of money and time to devote to something like card making. But there is only so many cheesy Christmas cards I could make!

I have nothing against that, but was a very large gap in the market for younger people, 20 plus who could really get into crafts and being thrifty and making it part of life Well MollieMakes has done that and more! It has great interviews with a range of different artists and crafters, people who do these things for a living. It also has things to make, themes for the seasons, up and coming designers, places and conventions, as well as loads of inspiration from the cute things to make to how to arrange your crafting space. And one of the coolest things is the free gift they have! I’ve collected a huge pile and am sending it to my friend, I know she will love it.

Well, that is the end of my little natternabout an awesome magazine, hope people check it out 🙂

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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