My Day Off :)

As I took a holiday today, I decided to be productive and work on some art. I’ve been getitng back into using my sewing machine and spent some time going through my materials, tidying things and making all my sewing things more ordered. I started sewing a small make-up bag which I’ve almost finished – just need to tidy a few seams. I also patched my boyfriend’s jeans and they look pretty good, even with black thread on dark blue deniem!

I’ve been putting off starting my new paintings, probably because the planning isn’t as fun as the actual painting. I did manage to make a cake for my boyfriend though, it’s his birthday tomorrow 🙂 It turned out pretty good and I even decorated it with sweets. I will probably update with a photo soon.

I want to try making some bracelets featured in MollieMakes as well, but having gone to the gym I may be a bit too tired this evening!

xoxoxo 🙂

Author: Cherryblossom Tears

Mixed Media Artist

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