Polymer Clay & Fantasy Ocean Life

It’s no secret that I love sea imagery. It’s beautiful, alluring and mysterious, full of myths and legends, history and a literary cave of treasures. It has overtones of Art Nouveau, Expressionism and the surreal. It is something that I keep returning to as a theme in my work and which I doubt I will get bored of. The creatures, plants and landscape are alien and fascinate me. It opens up a world for fantasy and one of my favourite things is to blend together different elements, ideas, materials, in a whimsical way.

I’ve been playing around with making mini octopi in their own little sea pond (made from Altoids Mints tins) as well as a bunch of cute smaller octo-dudes. I recently made this one holding onto a jar of beads which is just so cute. I am thinking of making that into a necklace. I used some effects polymer clay, two were quartz although the yellow was really difficult to condition.

Still wondering what to do with these guys, they look pretty cool hanging out on my bookcase!


The other octopus creature was an experiment with armature and super sculpey, which turned out much bigger than intended! I quite like him though, he is sort of weird. I painted him with black gesso then tried out my new Cosmic Shimmer paints which are luscious.

My main sea-themed piece was a shadow frame I got Ikea months ago and kept putting off making something with it. Partly because I am bit of a perfectionist and didn’t want to mess anything up, but this weekend I decided that was silly and started working on it.

I measured the size of the frame onto some baking paper, then got out all of my Fimo clays, deciding on colour combinations. I started with different blues, silver and translucent, conditioned them and ran them through my past machine before squishing them together onto the paper. I had lightly sketched and outline for some rocks but this project was a great opportunity to use up scrap bits of clay.

After setting down a background the rest was pretty much free hand, with the exception of the fish which I used a tiny mold. I loved having the freedom to create things within my own interpretation; highly expressionist which mixing colours, cutting out the shapes and forming some more three dimensional while keeping others flat. I even got an octopus in there!

As I love adding things to my pieces, I pushed some beads into the clay and used some Perfect Pearls powder to give more depth and shimmer to the water and plants. After the piece was baked I added Pearl Markers, Crystal Accents and Liquid Pears – I might be obsessed with things that shimmer!

This is how the finished piece turned out and I love it. Now I need to rest my hands for a few days, I ended up with a blister! Ouchie!


Art Blogs

Just made a poll to find out what you guys are interested in when it comes to art blogs in general :)

Three Fizzlings

Autumn Magic

It’s officially cold, dark and rainy here in Manchester and not my favourite time of year at all! I love the colours of Autumn but they are disappearing too quickly for my liking. As usual I’ve had many different art projects in my mind but not enough time to do any. As the sculpting is my favourite thing to do at the moment I’ve been spending more time on that and improving my skills. Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with colours and gradient and this lead to my new Fizzling creatures with seasonal themes. I love how the detail came out on my Autumn themed one, even though he is kind of wonky! And sculpting feet has been making me crazy. This is why I sort of gave up on my second winter inspired Fizzling in favour of the decor across his sides. This one is so shimmery I just love the colours.

This has to be my first Winter themed art piece and I really enjoyed finding new things to incorporate into the creature.

With my purple beast I decided I wanted to stick with cool colours and remembered this glittery purple I had. I made the armature slightly different and again didn’t pay too much attention to the legs. I wanted to try some techniques from my new book The Polymer Clay Artist’s Guide so placed some gold leaf over black polymer. I stamped out some star shapes and just loved the outcome! Once I placed them onto my creature I instantly thought of space and galaxies – so I called him Cosmic.

I want to try and make smaller versions of these creatures as I think they would make cute gifts and I can put them up in my Etsy shop. I also take commissions for pieces and I love making someone else’s ideas come to life. It is a refreshing challenge.

I’m working on some new sculptures at the moment I hope to share soon. Especially as it is so dreary outside!



An Ode to Monsters

There is a wealth of literature, art and film dedicated to monsters. They are very much a part of human culture, from ancient myths of curses to modern incarnations such as Freddie Kruger. Children have an innate dialogue with monsters, lurking under the bed or in the shadows yet love being told stories with goblins and scary beasts.

sea monster

Monsters arise from our own mind, an innate fear of the unknown, of disease, death and suffering. Yet it is these things that intrigue us and compel us to watch scary films or read Gothic novels. We are drawn to the strange, the peculiar and the unnatural. We are curious by nature about the world we live in and have a need to explain it – through stories, myths, art and religion.

This post is a reflection on monsters and my own passion for creating them in my artwork. Monsters are shadowy and take on many elements from a person’s mind. They are a combination of ideas, thoughts, feelings and of a time and place. Monsters from Medieval Europe are quite different from the creatures depicted in modern American film for example.

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An Assortment of Polymer Clay Creations

It may be getting darker and colder now, but I love October and I love Halloween! I am a sucker for all Halloween things in the shops at the moment – toffee apples, plastic spiders to scare people, green and ghoulish sweets!

I decided to make some cute Halloween themed charms which I made into earrings. These are now up in my Etsy shop. I also made this cute pumpkin ornament which I love. I found a tutorial online and adapted it a little to make mine. I plan to make a whole pumpkin patch!

I’m still making little creature tins and tried to made a gradient octopus, from a translucent green into copper. He was being a bit awkward though, I think his head is a strange shape! i added the resin last night and woke up to find the tin had stuck to my drawers! Whooops! I spent 10 minutes trying to carefully pries it free with one of my clay tools.

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Old and New

Art Journal Flip Through

I’ve wanted to do this for a while and since this a5 Dylusions journal is almost full and tearing at the seems, I thought it would be cool to film my flip through! Plus I did a little intro to the video :D

I really haven’t got the hang of talking to myself yet and look down a lot, but I actually enjoyed doing it. Must practice some more! I’ve also added a few pictures of my favourite pages in my journal. I’m looking forward to starting my nice new journal. I think I should experiment a lot more, my favourite pages are ones that are different from my usual style.

Hope you like!

My new pets

Fimo Clay Delights!

I’ve been super busy this week with work but here are a few things I’ve been making recently. I attempted a rainbow cake, although I used translucent clays and they went darker once baked. I might try this again with better colours. The translucent colours did work really well when I made these two octopus in tins – how cute are they! I love them. I used sand, shells and resin to create a sea effect and made tiny corals and star fish with clay.  I am so pleased with how they came out. I love doing sea themes and am planning a bigger piece to begin soon.

I have also been making some tiny fairies as a request from my sister and giving them some shimmer with perfect pearls. She wants to make a fun jam jar project with some children at a nursery she works at so I will make some fairy houses and toadstools to go with these.

This is a shorter post but I have also been working on my YouTube channel and plan to make some more videos. Will keep everyone updated!

Perfect Pearls

Art Journaling Pages & Video

This week I’ve been getting back back into art journaling and plan to finish this A5 journal so I can start a lovely new one. I have some new art materials to use including soft pastels which I used on the enchanted page and some Perfect Pearls which I mixed with water and painted onto the owl page.

I’ve gone back to drawing over a black gesso background and I love the effect. For the space doodle page I used a restricted pallet of white, blue and purple. I’ve been thinking of new themes and ideas for my pages and space seemed like a vast and visual topic. I did this page as a stream of consciousness just adding stars and words but I might look for some similar themes for my next page.

I’m really pleased with how the owl turned out, especially the zen doodles behind him. I always think of the Labyrinth with David Bowie when I see owls, shows my age I guess! I made some new art journal videos which you can see on my YouTube channel, of the pages here. I’m thinking of doing some videos on polymer clay at some point, although I have getting quite busy since going back to work and need to find time to fit all my art things in. I have so many ideas!

Bag of cute things

Polymer Clay Creatures & Charms

Wow, it is September already?! OMG!

Autumn is probably my favourite season. It reminds me of starting a new term at uni, getting new books, stationary, the trees changing colour and snuggling up in a scarf and hat when out. It is also the time for hot chocolates, getting cosy in bed with films while it is cold and raining outside and Halloween!

This post is on the polymer clay things I have been making recently (partly while I was off work poorly) and I love trying new techniques and adapting my ideas. I made two smaller Fizzling creatures and have been wanting to try bright colours on a black body. I love it! Black Fimo does have the tendency to stain though so I had to make sure my working area and hands were cleaned frequently with baby wipes. This meant I could add colour clay without mixing it together and getting it muddy. I also use clingfilm on my Fimo clay when I’m not working on a project to protect it from lint. I find this works well.

I wanted to make a pair of Fizzlings and had quite a lot of scales left so made a second one with a purple body. They look so cute together! I can see some flaws in them but I like the shape and design.

My other creature I went for a different pose using wire and foil as an armature and covering that in masking tape. I decided to make this Fizzling with more intricate detailing on the body and like how it turned out. I felt a bit stuck half way through and I also used my last pair of cute eyes, but after a few days I came back to him and found adding some more organic swirls helped me find his decorative style.

I’ve also been making lots of cute charm key rings in a Kawaii style and I love the wrapped lollipops! I made the cute French toast for my sister, a pickle and a swissroll! I’m thinking of making some little bags of happy cute things and selling them in my My Etsy shop along with my key rings.

And lastly I made a commissioned Fizzling Owl with little Froop for a birthday gift which I sent off in a sweet gift box. I was really happy with the way these came out and want to make more bird sculptures. Owls are seriously cool.


So cute!

Inspirations & Sweet Things

I’ve been quite unwell recently with a sinus infection. Mostly been sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and watching a lot of nature programmes! I’ve also been doing a lot of art journaling and over the last few months I’ve found a lot of inspiration online through other artists work. I am obsessed with Pinterest!

This made me think of doing a series of blog posts on inspiration once a month. I am definitely a person who goes through phases of struggling with a creative block. It is almost like I have either too many ideas or none at all. So I am going to put up some themes and tips about this in the next few months.

Here are a few things I purchased and have felt inspired by over July and August:Art Books

My interest in Gothic art has been growing and bought Weirdo Noir which is a beautiful and informative book on contemporary pop Gothic art. It features lots of contemporary artists doing work in comics, illustration and is a refreshing change to all the shit candy pop stuff you see in mainstream day to day life. As I am also exploring sculpture, I am fascinated with art dolls and bought The Doll Scene which is full of gorgeous handmade dolls by interesting mixed media artists across the world. I love art books in general but thought I needed something a bit different to inspire me to go in a new direction.

I’ve also become interested with everything circus related and want to incorporate that into my art somehow, and when I saw The Greatest Show On Earth: A History of the Circus I thought it would be brilliant. And I was right! A lovely hardback book with beautiful pictures and very easy to read. I love history and this is a great insight into where performance and the circus came from.



I find a lot of my new favourite artists online and came across Elizabeth McGrath who does stunning, gothic mixed media diormas and paintings of creepy, twisted creatures. I bought her book Everything That Creeps and it is just gorgeous from the hardback front cover to every single page. I feel inspired by her creations.

Aside from books, I also got a few cute things that made me very happy and possibly look a bit crazy. I got a new tattoo, a butterfly on my forearm, which will become part of a sleeve, an ice cream bag and fun stickers from Skinnydip London which are just adorable, a cactus necklace (I love cacti!) a cute bee broach (my new collection obsession) and this sweet mini tin which I have no idea what I will put in I just love tins and the fact that a cartoon lamb is smoking on it!

I hope you liked my little post update, I have lots of ideas for posts coming soon, including more art journaling, fimo clay things and even one about tattoos. My room really is becoming a craft museum/ library!

Second Merlion

Merlion Sculptures

This was a great creative challenge! My friend asked me a little while ago to make him two Merlion sculptures, although I wasn’t sure if I could pull them off and put the project to one side for a while. I did a bit of research and my friend gave me full creative range to make them. I am more of an expressive artist than realistic so I decided to approach it that way.

Both lions together

Both lions together

I watched a few YouTube tutorials for sculpting ideas and tips and ordered my favourite Super Sculpey for the project. I did some research into lions, in particular the way they moved and the structure of the skeleton so I could make a decent armature to build the sculpture on. I also looked online at fish scales and fins to get an idea in my head on how to combine the two creatures.

Making the main body was straightforward but the face really was a struggle for me, I had a few reference pictures but realised the nose was too long. I eventually trimmed that back and remodeled the shape. I added some black beads I had for eyes and decided to build the mane in layers of stripes, adding detail with different tools. I also found the feet a challenge as I had to make them look right from all angles and spent ages shaping them with my new dotting tools.

I then had to think about how to make the scales, and as the sculpture was going to look like a statue, decided overlapping thin layers of clay would be an effective way of adding the texture. This took ages! I used a small oval shaped cutter to get each scale but it was worth it in the end. To make the tail I cut out two pieces of foil and covered them with masking tape. I attached this to the end of the Merlion and positioned it in place before covering it with a thin layer of clay and added detail into the clay with tools.

Once I felt he looked complete I baked him in the oven and let him cool. I then brushed him down to remove any smaller bits of Sculepy and painted him with a mixture of copper, white, light blue and deep green to get a verdigris look my friend wanted. And I am so happy with how he turned out. Considering I’d not really done this kind of sculpture before, it could have gone very wrong!

Having made the first Merlion I had a good idea on what went well and what didn’t to make my second one. I knew I couldn’t make them exact so I decided they should have different qualities. I made the second one smaller and bulked out the armature with more foil to keep the weight down after baking. I made the tail bend in a different direction and used a diamond shaped cutter to create the scales, rather than the rounded one. I found this one easier as I had a guide with the first and was more relaxed. I accidentally used a different green when painting this one so it is a different colour but I also like how that turned out. I think they have their own unique charm but also similarities. Finally I added some glaze to protect them and add some shine. Hope my friend loves em!


9 fin close up

Puzzles ~ Art Journaling Tutorial

I recently did a poll on the blog asking what tutorials people would like to see and the majority by a long way was art journals. I’ve wanted to do some journaling for ages but with work, life and my other projects going on I never seemed to get the time. So thinking of a tutorial was a good way to get back into it.

I had the idea for a while of doing a page with puzzle pieces and got a 1000 piece puzzle from a charity shop. One thing I love about art journaling is how free form and personal it is and that it is about expression and enjoying using different materials. Here are a list of materials I used but it is entirely up to you:

  • Dylusions A4 Art Journal
  • Dylusions Sprays
  • Modge Podge
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Posca Paint Pens
  • random card pieces, stamps, paper
  • Tim Holtz Distress Stickles
  • Claudine Hellmuth Studio Black Gesso

I even forgot I had a brand new Dylusions Journal to play with! First things first:


Once you have all your materials, lay your page out and place paper underneath each page. I used old newspaper. Then I sprayed my page with water from a spray bottle to get the paper damp before randomly spraying my inks. Do whatever comes naturally.


I then used a stencil to create some visual interest

3 Stencil

The inks react with water so you can draw out some interesting colour contrasts. Next I took a few puzzle pieces and painted them with black gesso. I liked having the shape to work with in my page.

4 Puzzles

Using the Modge Podge I placed these on one side of the page in a scattered way, although you may want to use a stronger glue to fix something thicker like chipboard (I had run out of glue!). I then picked out some images from the pack of pieces I had and stuck them down.

5 glued

Now My favourite part comes ~ time to doodle! You can use a pencil if you’re not that confident but I think the whole process of art journaling is to draw freely and if you think something doesn’t look right, come in a bit later and change it. Don’t think about the end piece.I drew a silver swirl across the page using one of my Posca Paint Pens, then used a black pen to work from the swirl. I added some text that I thought was interesting to the theme of puzzles and I also like to do swirly writing.

6 drawing

I added different colours as I went and outlined some of the puzzle pieces. I have quite and organic style so I did do quite a few flowers and plant like things.

7 embellishing

Lastly I like to add some embellishments and used the Tim Holtz Stickles for a bit of glitter. I sometimes glue in sequins or beads so it’s really up to you want you add to your piece.

8 stickles

And here is my finished page.

10 fin

I’m going to be doing more art journal pages in the next few months, hope this was useful for everyone interested in learning some art journaling techniques. I’m also planning to make some more videos and put them up on my YouTube channel. Let me know if you have any questions or comments :)