Continuing Adventures in Textiles

I decided I would need a concrete sketch to work from with my new interest in embroidery, and the best place to start was from my art journal – a doodle piece.

I keep pricking myself but I think that is because I’ve still not mastered the best way to hold the hoop or thread – and I’m left handed so many things seem more awkward! I started with black thread and worked my design from there, adding as I went along. I used stem stitch, back stitch, lazy daisy stitch and a feeble attempt at french knot – think I need to practice these so more.

My Sister Came to Visit!

A few photos from the last 4 days, when my sister came up to Manchester and we had a culture fest in the city! In between lots of coffee and hot chocolate :)

We went to Manchester Art Gallery which had, among other amazing art, the Pre-Raphaelites such as Rossetti and Waterhouse – I loved these when I was at college, especially Opheila.

We looked round cute arts and craft shops (of course!) tried little independent coffee places, the arts cinema and Manchester Museum, where they have an eclectic mix of things, from Egyptian mummies to a T-Rex to a vivarium with frogs and snakes. It was fun to be a tourist for a few days and get up to mayhem with my sis before the new term at University begins….


New Ventures in Embroidery…

My current craft obsession has been embroidery hoops and I’ve been getting frustrated that my ideas in my head don’t yet match my embroidery skills! Duh!

I’ve included my first few tries as I get to grips with the stitches and it actually hasn’t taken me too long to improve A LOT! I love the small hoops but didn’t realise that without a solid idea, they would be harder to stitch. And, unlike my stream of consciousness drawings, you kind of have to plan what image you want to embroider, even if the stitches are just done on the fly.

Ps. A few other gems from the weekend :D


Textile Adventures and Embroidery Hoops

I love embroidery hoop wall art and when I saw a small hoop in a new craft shop near me, the thought of making one burst into my brain! I wasn’t really sure what to make so just ended up using some material I had left and some cute beads, this fabric dragonfly and star.

I quite like it. I used to do a lot more sewing and things with textiles. I picked up Mollie Makes but also heard about this new magazine called Hoop-La! which is already too cute, so I got that too. Going to start some more hoops soon, I can’t wait! I also got some fabric quarters and am going to try a fabric paint and this wooden stamp for a new cushion. I really have so many projects fighting there way out my mind!!! It’s getting crazy in there!

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