Dreams & Magic Altered Shadow Box


While the evil old creative rut crept up on me I decided to get a few items and start a new shadow box, as it had been quite a long time since my last one and I was falling out of love with my embroidery a bit.

Some things I used to make this box include:

  • Tim Holtz heart charms
  • Tim Holtz arrows adornments
  • Tom Hotltz foundation feet & decorative corners
  • Mini bottles
  • fimo clay
  • found items including metal charms, buttons and wooden adornments
  • resin
  • papers and die cut pieces
  • fabric flowers and little mushroom bird

This was my first time using resin as I wanted the bottles  to look like they were full of liquid. I loved making them, I filled one with tiny fimo bugs! My next project will be something with resin.

Here are few pictures as I made the box, it measures 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches which is super cute!

I seem to love butterflies! One thing I love about making things like this is gathering my different items and finding a way to combine them with my theme. Nature is a strong theme in my work now and I wanted the box to be quite light and uplifting. The items inside are also symbolic in a similar way to dreams, such as the key and the different bottles. The box came with a plastic front piece which I used, as dust getting in pieces like these is annoying and impossible to clean!

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Whimsical Things with Fimo Clay

Just a few things I’ve been making recently. The Little stumpy fellows have helped me get out of a creative rut as I made them without much thought, just playing around with clay and some found items. I adore Kawaii things too so just had to try making some cupcakes, a raindrop, some apples and lemons. And the little creature who is last was made from some gold and translucent clay I had left.

Some Fimo Clay Adventures!

Time to get baked! Having felt a lack of motivation recently and a general malaise in my art, I decided to a.) watch Heroes as a break from all my embroidery and b.) try a new approach. I’ve made things with Fimo Clay before and had a lot of things left over, as I like to keep all my different creative projects and supplies. I started making little charms in 2010 before I moved to Manchester. This post is what I’ve been doing recently, starting with something super easy – snails! These are cute and make nice little gifts for people. I then got a few new colours and started making cute monsters, with the idea to turn them into key rings. It’s much easier to bake with this kind of medium now I live in a better house! Here are a few things I made last week

I found a tutorial on the jellyfish which I thought was so cute, so made two of them. I also wanted to try making some bugs. These are quite small but I think they are good for a first try, I can see how to improve them and that is when I know my creative rut is lifting.

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Where Is Your Art Going?


This is an excellent question right now! Because while I’m not in a block as such, I feel like I’m disengaged with my projects. It could be some apathy I’ve been feeling from other things – work, health, personal dramas – and this is bleeding into my art. Or maybe I am just run down and need a break longer than a few days.

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Arts & Crafts Things

I was feeling a little stagnated with my projects recently, like I was falling into a rut and this always deeply frustrates me. To beat this feeling I decided to mix up my artwork and pick some fun things to play around with. I started with this book box and three tags I had planned to do last year and am slowly making into a altered art piece with a Romantic theme.

I also did a bit of Fimo baking and made some snails and funny little monsters. I decided to make them into keyrings. I’ve bought some Milliput which I am going to try soon, this dries in the air after a few hours so will need a different approach.

It’s been beautiful weather recently and the flowers near my work and home are blooming. Soon I won’t even need to wear a coat outside!

I’ve also been doodling a little bit in my sketchbook, mainly for ideas and to get out of this annoying rut thing. Going  to post about shrink plastic again soon and share some tips on making this keyring :)

Embroidery Bugs

While I have been busy the last few weeks, and I started trying my hand at shrink plastics, I’m still doing my embroidery and my recent project over the last two months has been beetles and bugs. I also did a bee! I got the idea after seeing some mini hoops in a craft shop and thought having them laid out like a curios cabinet would look cool!

DSCN1184And here are my first few beetles. I thought I would do a bigger one for variation as well. Doing these little hoops was fun and therapeutic.


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Shrinking Plastic Cuteness!


I may be 31 but I feel like a kind in a sweet shop when I get new craft things to play with! And that is what I’ve been doing on my week off. I bought a mini toaster oven to make shrink plastic things and I love it. I’ve been experimenting as well as reading Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! to get ideas on size and how well different ideas lend themselves to plastic.



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It’s My Birthday!

Another year older but definitely not wiser! Haha! My sister came up to Manchester and we went on a tour of all things cute pretty much – Richmond’s Tea Room which is Alice in Wonderland themed (!) Manchester art gallery, Manchester cathedral, shops that were open (as it is Easter Sunday) and had lots of cake, coffee, gifts and yummy bath bombs from Lush! A fun day to celebrate turning 31 :D

A Foxy Embroidery – With Buttons!


The Idea

Well I have been obsessing over foxes the last few months and wanted to create a project based on one. This design was quite simple, as I was going to go for something more realistic.  But I decided with the size of the hoop and the fox being the centre focus, that it should be colour and pattern that are more intricate and ornate. fox

My style is quite elaborate and I find that details really make a project pop which is why I added the detailing inside the fox. That was free hand and I gave myself the chance to just experiment with colours and pattern. I think it works well.

Materials & Stitches

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